The Owls

The Owls

Owls are reputed to be wise. Is this true or is it just a myth? If not a myth, is it possible they...maybe wiser than people? Check out The Owls and decide for yourself.

There are two (small) bonus features included. One is a bit of a backstory of The Owls: how they met, how they made their home, etc.

The other is a bit of a backstory of baby owl, Angel.This backstory is told from the point of view of Angel.

The Owls

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  • The Owls

    Modern life can be confusing especially when major life issues are at stake. And life issues is clearly one where confusion reigns supreme. This film deals with one area that is shot through with major confusion. (No spoiler here!) Does this confusion extend to nature also? The Owls addresses thi...

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